Placement of emoji / edit / more buttons


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  • Amanie

    I find it fine the way it is, or accepted it.

    The way I see it, it's set up like that so that the message you're currently hovering on won't be covered.

    ...That said, one won't be hovering on the message while reading it anyway. In the current view, it's not as apparent that those pop-ups are for its intended, currently-hovered message. Heck, you risk hovering on the previous message due to the cursor exceeding the boundary of those icons, requiring you to readjust it momentarily. This has happened to me more often than not.

    I am OK with this feedback.

    If not, alternatively at least increase the contrast of the pop-up icons's boundaries, to make it more visible that this pop-up belongs to the message below.

  • Tom jack

    This too and also i have commented on a post for updating the emojis to 14.0 sharing the link here too in the hope that it will get attention.

  • seoshahzaib

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