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  • psg_ignis

    Agree with the Locking, I feel like this shouldn't "Archive it" just shut down future comments.

    I've found the same issue with manually archiving a post, it's disappears and can't be found, where as if it reaches the auto-archive time then it goes to "Older Posts"

  • Dimmies

    I've also noticed overtime topics are practically not editable if they are archived. So things like editing tags isn't possible unless you re-open the topic, add/remove the tags, then re-archive the post. I've ran into this issue multiple times.

  • DanielaRWilliams
    We all know Guilded has server forums, as a way to get great suggestions or features per any server that utilizes a forum structure. Having a forum structure for Community Servers would change a lot for Discord servers and would totally be amazing to use.


  • Rubi-Smith

    What is Experimental Forums Feedback

    • Archiving can be great, but in some use-cases (similar to ours) archiving is bad. As of right now, it seems after the post is archived, it is gone for good. I've looked far at Oh Jeans Record and wide for a list of archived topics, but am unable to find one. The ability to disable archiving or even be able to view a list of archived topics would be amazing.
    • Upvoting topics is more of an idea than feedback on the current system, but it could be a good idea to have the ability to enable upvoting which can be sorted by "Most Upvotes" etc.
  • RobertOvellette

    Additionally, I've seen that discussions that have been archived are essentially uneditable over time. The only way to change certain items, such tags, is to re-open the topic, add or delete the tags, and then re-archive the post. This problem has come up several times for me.

  • Fashion Delight

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  • DanielBailey

    Furthermore, I've observed that archived discussions are essentially unmodifiable over time. To make specific changes, such as adjusting tags, one must first reopen the topic, make the desired modifications, and then re-archive the post. This issue has arisen multiple times in my experience.


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