Improve the Discord forums channels


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  • josuens14

    This feature is quite necessary and useful

  • Raphael Thivierge

    I think a simple alternative to what you're suggesting is just to be able to collapse the forum channels in the same way we can collapse channel categories

  • Extrys

    I think that not having these subchannels and having instead a notification as in normal channels would be enough, so once you are in the forum there could be a button to show the forums you follow if they have new messages,

    as in some forums, for example if you get response back, you get a notification and that norification takes you back to the forum, without too much noise at all

    As you also say it would be really cool to have that followed section
    but i also would add the Followed responses or making the followed have a filter to only show the followed post that has new messages, has not much sense to see a following post with no new messages in my opinion but the general concept is good



  • psg_ignis

    I'm with xogdo on this. If you are in too many active Posts at once you're channel list gets way to long and becomes a pain to go to non-forum channels, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. Collapsing the Forums, almost like a Category, would be nice.

  • AFRLme

    I personally find it really messy & it's screwing with my OCD brain. I would rather have some kind of indicator/icon/bubble thing that shows up at the side of the channel & let's me know that there's x total new posts & x new replies in threads/forum threads that I'm currently following as opposed to that eyesore of a list expanding my channel list - which makes it a real pain in the ass to navigate your server when you have a decent amount of categories &/or channels already.

    We don't really need the list thing as we already have the active/followed thread button at the top of the channel list.


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