Issues with updated UI, Text, and others


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  • ♡ SuperMo ♡

    I agree, the new update has the text way too small and unreadable. It's so confusing and I liked the older UI.

  • SignificantFoliage

    Literally opened my app and instantly got an headache from the font. It's so small and some of the bolded bits are weirdly fuzzy? Genuinely hate looking at discord now.

  • Person

    I have encountered issues with all you wrote, me and some other users also encounterd issues with MIUI, namely that in some menus the ui clips with the top bar of the phones.

    The added haptic feedback when clicking serverfolders is, to me, very annoying. Its also made worse by the fact that it doesn't always work and you cannot turn it off

  • S_h_a_r_k_93
    I have no idea how that unoptimized React Native garbage made it past quality checks, it's horrible!

    The performance of the app went from good to unusable, it's not acceptable.
    Everything lags to the point that inputs are skipped; this app is now TRASH.

    I used this tutorial on how to revert back to the old native android style app, and I'm sticking to it! ♡ SuperMo ♡ SignificantFoliage


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