Problems with the new UI


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  • KarnaV

    My thoughts exactly, the animation just snaps in, my keyboard is also lagging in the new update and some of the text channel names are kind of cut off from the top. How can I reverse back to the older version?

  • Kyora

    KarnaV i was able to revert to the older, actually usable version by downloading and installing an older version of the apk from apkpure. no guarantees it'll work for you too, but it's worth a shot at least!

  • ccegg143

    On top of everything stated above, videos sometimes don't display the visuals and only play audio. This didn't happen before.

  • S_h_a_r_k_93
    I have no idea how that unoptimized React Native garbage made it past quality checks, it's horrible!

    The performance of the app went from good to unusable, it's not acceptable.
    Everything lags to the point that inputs are skipped; this app is now TRASH.

    I used this tutorial on how to revert back to the old native android style app, and I'm sticking to it! KarnaV


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