This new Android Mobile UI is horrible.


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  • codebyte

    They're just cutting corners by implementing the iOS codebase on android, not any upgrades.

    Everyone will be sideloading the old discord apk in no time.

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    rvcjew: I'm sticking to 126.21 till they do or fix the react one

    Same here bro! The React Native update was garbage on my phone.
    I have no idea how that made it past quality checks, it's horrible!

    The performance of the app went from good to worse, it's unacceptable.
    Everything lags to the point that inputs are skipped, this app is now TRASH.

    There's now pages and pages of negative feedback in these forums,
    and they're still set on this crash course? It's unbelievable.

    Tutorial on how to revert back to the old native android style app:

  • rvcjew

    The issue is with sideloading and not updating is supposedly they will shutter the api or ability for the kotlin version on the 1st?
    I'm sticking to 126.21 till they do or fix the react one to not be bad at at least scaling text. But I think we might be screwed. After seeing this I feel bad for ios users even though it works fast for them as the is ui it self seems to just suck in design compared to kotlin. So many redundant clicks for stuff on react native.


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