Feedback on Forum tag limit and per post tag limit


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  • Tikepo

    I have a multilingual server. It would make sense to reorganize certain content into a forum channel. However there are significantly more then 20 languages in the world

  • Wolfram Rolf

    Just started using forums because it seemed useful. unfortunately the nature of the forum requires more than 20 tags. I don't understand why the tag limit exists in the first place. If server owners want to limit tags, sure, if it's a default setting, sure, but what business does discord devs have telling people how to use forums like this? Let people do their own thing. 

  • texelations

    I am having this problem too. I want people to tag upsetting topics that they're likely to discuss in their blog threads (eating disorders, mental illness, history of abuse, stuff like that) but I personally attempted to tag all of mine and ran out.


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