Older android versions 126.21 and any prior killswitched


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  • GoatKing

    100% agree, they should either let us use old versions or let Android users go back to the old layout cause it isn't letting us do the same things as we used to

  • The new discord layout looks like ass. I loved it when discord didn't act like google and force you to update their apps and they would still work, even if they didn't have all the "fancy" features as modern versions do, and they sure as hell didn't have as much problems. My phone lags really bad on newer versions of discord from how heavy the app has gotten. Version 58.2 has been carrying me and it's a perfect middle ground. Now I'm forced to use brand spanking new versions that look and behave way worse. If Hammer and Chisel still operated the way they did back in 2016, there would be no problem, and we could use the first version of the app and it would still work. Sure, it may only be compatible with the most bare discord components, but at least the support would've been there.

    Step up your game and listen to the community like you did way back when. I think that would help the devs a lot rather than just give them a .00002% (corporate picked) representation of the community and give them full control of how your app looks and works. Come on man.

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    The strat was to stick with an older but perfectly functional version of the app until you guys got around to fixing the current version, and by then we would happily update

    Is this for real!? Yes that was exactly my strategy too! Currently the 126.21 version is still working for me, I hope this is not real! (EU West) edit: okay apparently it's not real, or it's been restored


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