discord mobile bug (iOS) Besvarat
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Discord Nitro (Problem About IOS And Android) Besvarat
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Gaming Log for Mobile
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Make bold stand out more on Android
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Custom Options
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Quick Switcher Hold Instead of double tap back
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every link I create is invalid Besvarat
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麥克風始終沒有聲音 Besvarat
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Give options on how iOS users can search for NearBy Friends
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Crashes on mobile Besvarat
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Проблема ч discord mobile Besvarat
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reimplementing the recently removed channel lables in notifications Besvarat
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Channel and Category Name in Mobile Push Notifications Besvarat
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When saving a .png image, save the background as transparent instead of a black screen. Besvarat
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Notifications on mobile Besvarat
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Discord bug on Android Pie Besvarat
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improve file uploading on android
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Formatting Icon / area
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Ability to upload more than 1 video at once on iOS
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Cache chat so discord opens as fast on iOS as it does on Android.
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Popular games Icons
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Take the in-app notifications at the top of the screen
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Mobile support for USB sound devices
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mobile gd throttle solution
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"[USERNAME] is typing..." after they send a message. Besvarat
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Can't download images on Android Besvarat
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