Critical bug with Discord and iOS broadcast extension
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Pay Discord Nitro with Google Play / App Store Balance
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Custom status doesn't show mobile, but works just fine on Desktop website.
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Push to Talk on Overlay
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Add button push to talk outside discord app for mobile version
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[BUG] Infinite Scroll Embed (Android)
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Mobile status update
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Problem with confirming my phone number
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Send pictures in the order you select them! Or a specific given order.
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Mobile UI intorduced this year is Discriminatory against Autistic users! #notmyplacetotalk
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Option to receive 2 Steps Authentication SMS
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Status de jogo/ Game status for mobile devices
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New feature fix problems
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Server Discovery feature for mobile
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AMOLED mode contrast text
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Log in to discord easier by using just the username.
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Copy message link on mobile
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Kicked out of discord when I try to play a game on my iOS iPad.
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Profile Picture Preview on Mobile
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The bug
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Text Size cannot be changed
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More mobile features
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Android Microphone Boost Settings/Default Mode
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Show Stopper Layout Bug With Embeds-Width [Android ]
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Option to clear the cache files
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Discord lagging/crashing in the background
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iOS sobreposição
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Siri Shortcuts (Workflow)
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Sugerencia para mejorar la experiencia discord en el móvil
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adding screensharing / go live for ipad or tablet
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