Missing Features on Mobile
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Favorite Gifs for Mobile
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Battery Drain on iPhone
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Mobile App Bottom Tab Layout Improvement:
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Threads. Silent join on mobile
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Long press home while in DMs to go back to last server/channel
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"Do not disturb" still disturbing
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Explore Public Servers on Mobile
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add an accessibility option to use system font
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UI on tablet is just terrible now.
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Verify phone
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It's nigh unusable like this
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Mobile touch bug
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allow the ability to use custom notifications sounds
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I have a suggestion
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The Newest Mobile Update
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Discord Mobile app Lacks a Lot of Features!
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Server emojis not showing in mobile app (iOS)
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Removal of messages tab on mobile
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I hate the new Ipad UI/Layout
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Add a ''Sounds'' menu on Mobile App, like on desktop
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Bring Back the Separate DMs Tab on Mobile
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Unnecessary white flash on app launch
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Mentions Number
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add mobile auto mod and level exp for texting and leaderboard
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Think this one explains itself.
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Make the mobile app a mobile app again, not a mini desktop
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Five Months in with the new Mobile UI
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Introduce a poll
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