Nitro Boosting - Have the audit log keep track of who gains and loses the nitro boosting role
49 röster 11 kommentarer
Nitro Boost Perk suggestion: Animated Emojis for everyone!
48 röster 10 kommentarer
Can we just pay outright for server upgrades?
47 röster 2 kommentarer
discord nitro students
46 röster 11 kommentarer
Early supporter badge documentation
46 röster 0 kommentarer
Buy Nitro Gifts with Account Credit
45 röster 3 kommentarer
Discord Boosting
43 röster 2 kommentarer
Go Live (webcam / capture card) support for overlay
42 röster 6 kommentarer
Discord Nitro Family Plan
40 röster 14 kommentarer
Have a Virtual Browser for Nitro, to replace the Games feature
40 röster 2 kommentarer
Allow Subscribing to Nitro via PayPal Balance
39 röster 16 kommentarer
Ability to see further info on your account
39 röster 2 kommentarer
Games free with nitro, but what if you aren't nitro?
39 röster 7 kommentarer
Discord Nitro pay with Paypal without credit card
37 röster 11 kommentarer
Let people boost servers with nitro classic
37 röster 5 kommentarer
Favourite emoji feature rather than recently used page
36 röster 6 kommentarer
Account credit
36 röster 3 kommentarer
Nitro Emoji Loadout
36 röster 2 kommentarer
Add 3rd Nitro Boost subscription plan
36 röster 5 kommentarer
Discord's Refund Policy
36 röster 1 kommentar
Wine support for Windows games on Linux (temporarily?)
36 röster 4 kommentarer
The vanity URL as a server boost perk makes no sense.
35 röster 4 kommentarer
Preview of files above 50mb
35 röster 2 kommentarer
Allow nitro users their own locally stored emotes
35 röster 0 kommentarer
Nitro Server Boost Gifting
34 röster 2 kommentarer
Nitro + should be allowed to boost up to 3 servers than one
34 röster 5 kommentarer