Bulk Order Nitro Gifts
64 röster 11 kommentarer
More options for sorting in the game store.
61 röster 10 kommentarer
get back 3 months of Nitro with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
60 röster 36 kommentarer
Buy Nitro Gifts with Account Credit
57 röster 4 kommentarer
Nitro Boosting - Have the audit log keep track of who gains and loses the nitro boosting role
53 röster 11 kommentarer
One time purchase Permanent Server Boosts
52 röster 53 kommentarer
Discord Nitro Family Plan
51 röster 20 kommentarer
Nitro Boost Perk suggestion: Animated Emojis for everyone!
48 röster 10 kommentarer
Can we just pay outright for server upgrades?
48 röster 4 kommentarer
Allow servers to track boost count for individual users
47 röster 6 kommentarer
Diminuir o preço do Nitro
46 röster 17 kommentarer
Early supporter badge documentation
46 röster 0 kommentarer
Discord Boosting
43 röster 2 kommentarer
Go Live (webcam / capture card) support for overlay
42 röster 6 kommentarer
Discord Profile banner's should be available to all users, whether or not they have Discord Nitro.
41 röster 13 kommentarer
Have a Virtual Browser for Nitro, to replace the Games feature
40 röster 2 kommentarer
Discord Nitro Student Discount
39 röster 7 kommentarer
Account credit
39 röster 3 kommentarer
Games free with nitro, but what if you aren't nitro?
39 röster 7 kommentarer
Nitro Server Boost Gifting
38 röster 2 kommentarer
Favourite emoji feature rather than recently used page
37 röster 6 kommentarer
The vanity URL as a server boost perk makes no sense.
37 röster 4 kommentarer
Let people boost servers with nitro classic
37 röster 5 kommentarer
Nitro Emoji Loadout
37 röster 2 kommentarer
Provide an option to disable the server boost badge next to your name
37 röster 5 kommentarer