Emoji List Organization Besvarat
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Ability to hide member list Besvarat
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Github account connection Besvarat
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Folders for roles Besvarat
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Allow us to set out status on a Server-by-Server Basis Besvarat
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Webhooks Besvarat
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Disabled account need help from discord staff ASAP Besvarat
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small problem hacker Besvarat
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Spam bots Besvarat
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Pings Suggestion [A place to see where your being pinged and who pinged you,] Besvarat
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create hierarchy in the channels Besvarat
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My Account Got Disabled Besvarat
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text channels visable but not accessible Besvarat
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Cheak security grammatical error in Portuguese Besvarat
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Account Closed Besvarat
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Аккаунт заблокирован Besvarat
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Потерял 2FA ключи Besvarat
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Large LAN support (Mass account creation) Besvarat
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Can't scroll through server list without a scrollwheel Besvarat
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오늘 오전 4시 경 디스코드의 오류에 대해 Besvarat
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제가 주로 쓰던 계정이 갑자기 비활성화가 되었습니다. Besvarat
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How to create something like this? Besvarat
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My account was wrongly disabled. Besvarat
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Lost the server Besvarat
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i cant hear my friends but they can hear me Besvarat
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Hiding non-members and offline members from server Member List Besvarat
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Remove permission by adding a role Besvarat
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Add Wolfenstein Enemy Territory please as Game Discord Server No Bots Besvarat
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Frustrated as Crap Besvarat
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