Discord support hasn't responded in 17 days now about disabled account.
5 röster 134 kommentarer
Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.
474 röster 134 kommentarer
Remove Verify phone timeout
5 röster 127 kommentarer
Name changing time limit
204 röster 124 kommentarer
Account disabled & ghosted by support
3 röster 123 kommentarer
My account has been falsely disabled.
56 röster 122 kommentarer
Add functionality to nickname others
5242 röster 122 kommentarer
Discord won’t show my Xbox live status
46 röster 121 kommentarer
More Blocking Features (Private Account Option)
455 röster 121 kommentarer
Warning when changing to a name that will change your DiscordTag#0000.
805 röster 120 kommentarer
Inicio de sesion
-42 röster 116 kommentarer
I got detected as "something out of the ordinary going on"
6 röster 114 kommentarer
HELP!! Banned, but not actually banned.
24 röster 114 kommentarer
Somehow explaining the Discord false bans and support issues
7 röster 111 kommentarer
Re-Add the Ability to Use Spaces in Channel Names.
642 röster 107 kommentarer
Separate 'Manage Messages' into 'Pin Messages' and 'Delete Messages'
579 röster 104 kommentarer
How to deal with bad users who send spam DM.
939 röster 102 kommentarer
Discord Account Appeals (What you need to know)
16 röster 99 kommentarer
Increase the Max Number of Roles per Server
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-21 röster 98 kommentarer
Phone number connected to WRONG Account?
51 röster 95 kommentarer
Add TIDAL as a Profile Connection
407 röster 95 kommentarer
Discord Hacker ALERT!!
-66 röster 92 kommentarer
New Permission: "Assign Roles"
685 röster 91 kommentarer
Delete phone number from account
207 röster 89 kommentarer
Profile Backgrounds for All Users Slutfört
830 röster 88 kommentarer
Opt out of mobile indicator
498 röster 84 kommentarer
Add support for webauthn authentication, Yubikeys and the like Slutfört
246 röster 84 kommentarer
Sign in with Google
0 röster 83 kommentarer
Unban my account
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