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  • Option to undelete messages

    I feel like it could be really cool if in an audit log entry for a delete message event, the message can be un-delete if you like. It shouldn't re-ping people pinged in a message too though. I know...

  • Addition to the status menu

    I think it would be extremely handy if we could access the "Display currently running game as status message" from the status context menu when you click on your icon at the bottom left of the scre...

  • Change who can ping a certain role


    It would be really good if we could change who could ping a certain role and not just everyone or no one. For example, the owner of the server can ping a role called Ping Friendly but no one else c...

  • Keep editing a message across channels.

    If you're editing a message in one channel and need to read a message in another channel, when you go back to the first channel, you're still editing the message you were originally editing. Curren...

  • Discord drawing based messages (Like Pictochat on the DSI) for the memes.

    the title says it all 

  • ToS and Guidelines and other app suggestions.

    Ok, i have a few suggestions about the ToS and Guidelines. Firstly, i think that the ToS and Guidelines should be embedded into the desktop app and a simplified version in the mobile applications s...