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  • Testing mic in the settings


    In voice relay programs such as Mumble, Teamspeak, or Ventrilo, you have the ability to test the volume and quality of your mic while still working in the settings so that you don't have to blast y...

  • Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.

    When inviting members, and where I have already established that they will be a fully-fledged member of our group, I would like to be able to generate single-use links to invite them directly into ...

  • Show if someone's streaming


    Show a little status thing next to someone's name if their connected twitch account is live.

  • A Custom "Badge/Achievement System"...

    Allowing moderators and admins to give specific badges to people in the server representing achievements they have completed. Examples: Member has been here since day one of server, Helped out in g...

  • poke feature

    this is one of the best feature was in TS. its a best way to get attention from muted people

  • Mention bar


    I think it's a pain that when you log into your discord account, you have messages people sent you in general chat and have to scroll though all the messages. A mention bar that shows who messaged ...

  • Make the .gifv and .webm file format links work like gifs, play the animation without having to open the original URL


  • Please give us Steam integration ... because Discord is the perfect companion to Steam!

    Not sure if possible ... but synchronising the members of a Steam group with a Discord server would be perfect. I suppose it's easy to imagine further integration as well. But I'm not sure what the...

  • More sounds!

    We need more sounds in Discord. Maybe like TeamSpeak, or better ^^ - When someone disconnected - When myself disconnected - User joint your Channel - User kicked/banned/leave the channel Some o...

  • allow self hosted servers

    Ej planerat

    It would be useful to have software that we can put on a server, preferable linux/unix, and host our own servers on our own machines. There's nothing really wrong with the current existing servers ...