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    Even some of the features they Have beta tested in the past and got shit feedback on they pushed through to public release, and then proceeded to ignore the complaints on the forums. It's very, ver...

  • Desiras kommenterade

    i've 100% lost faith in discord to actually listen to feedback after the last few waves of changes they've made. They're just changing shit to change shit, they don't care what we think about it. T...

  • Desiras kommenterade

    >Adds new status messages which everyone is thrilled about >Puts out absolutely garbage update which completely hides statuses in the most unintuitive and obnoxious place possible This is good design

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    Add option to reverse update UI changes

    Discord isn't always the greatest with UI changes. This latest update is certainly no exception, though this is the first change I've found to be physically painful on the eyes. Quite a lot of peop...

  • Desiras kommenterade

    Seconding to at the very least allow it to be toggled on and off. Much harder to read.