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    Here's a list of the issues with Discord's new logo design choices

    So, first of all, the biggest issue, the new, harsh, saturated color.While this personally is burning my eyes in a dark room or on a phone screen the most (it still hurts to look at even with the r...

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    I agree on this so much, the new color that was chosen is literally painful to the eyes. I'm currently typing and focusing my eyes on this text box and the "Submit" button in this new color is burn...

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    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/477438163732791297/523017656752930837/unknown.png Huh... I guess we'll get spoiler tags soon-ish? That screenshot isn't from me, by the way. I guess that coul...

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    Why in the world is this still not a thing?People wanted this for months, heck years, they vote a ton for it. But you still don't make it a thing. What is wrong with you, Discord?Here, let me make ...