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  • New Activity: Wampus' dungeons

    Game bossfight where you and voice members traveling through the map and fight bosses in Discord style.Fight system is just taping with some bonuses.Coins from killed bosses and buying skins for ch...

  • New Activity: Knucklebones from Cult of the Lumb

    Add "Knucklebones" from Cult of the Lamb to Activities.Like this

  • Tag color and forum post color

    To be able to change the color of the tag and the color of the post in the Forum The color of the post can be either as in embed messages (in the form of a strip) or completely fill the post

  • Voting feature in the Forum

    It would be cool if you could create voting posts. When creating a post, you can select its type and there will be a Vote type. Voting can be of three types: • Default - You can see who voted for w...

  • Custom reason for closed access to the channel

    I mean that instead of "You can not write in this channel" you can write your own reason. For example: "You cannot write to this channel because you have not yet received the role of "Booster" So t...

  • Remove emoji replacement with discord variant

    Some emoji change to black and white emoji which look HORRIBLE!From them it is very difficult to understand what kind of emoji you put in the channel name. They are very small and incomprehensible....

  • Servers panel, Sub-servers | Панель серверов, под-сервера

    [ENG]Server panel: The server panel is a page where all your servers will be displayed in a grid in the folders where they are located.You can also sort them.It should look similar to this concept:...

  • Add category mention

    In discord &category_name or when u type # shows channels and categories where it in and u can mention a channel and all categoryIn webhooks <#&category_id> or just <category_id>, and when u need a...