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  • SkolVikingsGuy kommenterade

    rdehavenl  -  thanks for sharing.    I don't understand what's happening here.  Does anyone at Discord read these posts?   Have they said it's by design and won't be fixed?  Have they said they'll ...

  • SkolVikingsGuy kommenterade

    Thanks for the response, very helpful.    The other part that then gets confusing is that little number shows up on my Android phone, as you'd expect.  So it's inconsistent, which doesn't make sens...

  • SkolVikingsGuy kommenterade

    Do we know why they're refusing to add this basic functionality?  Is it on purpose for some reason, or is just that they're ignoring the issue?

  • SkolVikingsGuy kommenterade

    I'm on Android, trying to get friends to use Discord, but they've decided not to because of this iPhone issue.  So frustrating.