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  • a11y switches support

    It would be neat to support the use of a11y switches - these are used by some people who struggle with a regular keyboard and mouse setup, because they offer a more simple set of controls for the c...

  • Improved support for the a11y technology Speech-To-Text

    Discord has been great wtih setting up a11y features and improvements so far. One thing that would really help is improved Speech-To-Text Support for programs like JAWS and Windows Speech Recogniti...

  • Prevent Text-To-Speech from reading spoilers

    With the recent release of the new Spoilers, it looks like Text-To-Speech or TTS isn't preventing spoiler text from being read out, so it gets announced regardless. One thing that would be cool is ...

  • Upgrade Discord to use reCAPTCHA v3

    Google recently released reCAPTCHA v3 into production, which does away with the "I'm not a robot" button and image puzzles in favour of an invisible system. It would be great if Discord could switc...

  • Restrict the usage of the Adminstrator permission by Bots

    I see a lot of Bots that request Administrator permissions but ton't seem to justify why they cannot work with more reasonable permissions.This is a dangerous permission because the Bot than then d...

  • Collapsible Nitro/GIF/Emoji buttons

    With recent updates, new features have been added to the apps to include the Nitro Gift button and the GIF/Giphy button. It seems that not everyone is keen on these, so I think that providing the o...

  • Adjustable playback options for Mic Testing

    I'm finding the new Mic Testing feature to be a really great addition to Discord, for me there's just a couple of things that would really make it awesome. Would it be possible to add a few "Playba...

  • Backup download method for slower internet connections

    Since the Game Store launched, I've noticed that it's extremely difficult to download Games using an internet connection with a download speed of less than 6 mb/s. On slower connections I noticed t...

  • Untrusting a Domain

    Would it be possible to allow users revoke "Trust this Domain" status from a previously Trusted Domain? Sometimes you might have accidentally Trusted a Domain by mistake or previously Trusted one b...

  • Hug Command

    It would be cool to see a Hug Command in Discord without needing a Bot, as this would let people use it entirely within a single message without flooding the Server quite as much.