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    We used to have like yours. it is still a problem - requires users to go through a list of emote spam at the bottom.becomes spammy when you have a lot of simular emotes that don't always mean somet...

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    New Bot API - Polls need to be modular

    I love the new bot API and looking forward to features. However, I want to see the Poll API that was teased in the 'future of bots' be modular.I have plans to use this to give out roles to users an...

  • digimbyte skapade ett inlägg för

    global roles override all other permissions

    so this is something of a duplicate but with additional details I am not happy with the current role hierarchy while it is important to fine tune roles and get finer results down to the user. it do...

  • digimbyte kommenterade

    I am upvoting this because while it is important to override other roles, but only if they are lower in the order.I am unhappy with the way the current role hierachy is calculated. what if a user h...

  • digimbyte kommenterade

    I second this feature. it would be handy to message a user directly even if they have DM's closed.such as authentication and important notifications that you might not want to share to all users.th...