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    Then someone used your phonenumber to verify a account, maybe ask your family members?

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    Make it possible to select text and using the "copy to clipboard" in a "box"

    Can you please make this box also "useable" in your app? I hate that you can't select a single text in the app, I don't want always to copy the entire message, please change that and let use copy O...

  • Dracken kommenterade

    I want a 5$ boost version too. But I would remove the 2 Free boost, that would make it too "unbalanced", we have to think also a bit with "marketing eyes". I wanna use acustom Serverinfo overall, b...

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    Avatar function on all Server "free"

    Hi, please make the option to change your avatar on each server free.... Discord wants to be like a forum, so... in every forum I have the option to choose a Avatar, why not in Discord for free? I ...

  • Dracken kommenterade

    I would like to get an Option to disable that gifting box, I would never use it there, IF I ever do it, I would do it only in a private chat and not in a Server chat, that confuse me too... who get...

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    Ich war der 1.000 der den beitrag Hilfreich fand *hype* Danke für den Guide ;)