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  • Inyahin kommenterade

    We definitely need recurring events. Being able to specify the timezone would be helpful too so events can either be held at UTC (without daylight savings) or GMT/BST (observing daylight savings)  

  • Inyahin skapade ett inlägg för

    Events - Auto-Starting

    Please can we have an option to auto-start an Event.Our administrators aren't always available at the start of the event and we'd like the event to start automatically so our members can join in.Ou...

  • Inyahin kommenterade

    Events calendars please. the members of our discord are begging for them :)

  • Inyahin kommenterade

    Notification Overrides in Server Settings - i would never have thought to look in there. Thanks for pointing it out....But; This should be an option on the channel itself not hidden away in Server ...

  • Inyahin kommenterade

    I have the same problem, I'm a moderator of a server and have to see everything everyone posts, but I'd also like the facility to block certain users from DMs.

  • Inyahin skapade ett inlägg för

    notification curfew

    please allow us to block notifications between sleeping and/or working hours when we can't be interupted. eg 00:00hrs to 07:00hrs and 09:00 to 18:00