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  • SirNapkin1334 kommenterade

    I actually like this, especially if webhooks, bots, and users are interacting together in one channel. But perhaps WEBHOOK is too long. Perhaps, HOOK, like this, and a different color? I like this ...

  • SirNapkin1334 kommenterade

    @StevenTed it's actually not that hard to implement, if you have basic Python knowledge, can read documentation, and can follow a tutorial.   @imojen337: Lütfen buraya gönderin: https://support.dis...

  • SirNapkin1334 kommenterade

    ここに投稿してください: (Googleによる翻訳)

  • SirNapkin1334 kommenterade

    Agreed on both counts. I actually like the ability to see the time of messages that aren't the first in a group, I'd support having that in the other styles. But the highlight. If we could have the...

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    Allow switching back to old appearance

    Okay, so, the old appearance was pretty good. Didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. But the new one, rolled out to Canary users...NO. No, please don't make it highlight the message my mouse i...

  • SirNapkin1334 kommenterade

    You guys realize that some bugs are difficult to figure out the source of, right? Especially when relying on external hosts, sometimes the cause of a bug is not apparent if it relies on other servi...