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  • Support for IOS shortcuts

    Currently (and a little bit bizarrely) discord is in IOS shortcuts, but it doesn’t actually work, all it does is open the discord app and it only shows the IOS conversation suggestions. (I think th...

  • Sync IOS share suggestions across devices and pick which are shown

    Hello I love the iOS conversation suggestions feature so I can easily share stuff with my friends but it is constantly getting full of channels I talked in and don’t want to share to and I have to ...

  • Set a custom date and time for when status message is cleared

    Hello the new custom status feature is cool but the automatic clear options have very few time periods to choose from. I think you should be able to pick a time and date for when the status message...

  • Previewing servers

    Hello I really love the "view" feature for servers in the server discovery section so I can look at servers without joining them. I would like a feature like this for all servers, example someone i...

  • iOS markdown/formatting options

    Hello I would like to suggest the ability to add the iOS markdown buttons to discord, as I’m typing this I have them right here: https://i.imgur.com/lMG2Ptn.jpg   With these buttons you are able to...