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  • For TestFlight 3.1.8 (18423) make it so the send button doesn’t disappear

    currently the send button is hidden until you send a message, but this is really awkward for example, if you want to pretype a response you know will come up you now have to click the send box and ...

  • add an “open in” part to the link menu

    when you open a download link but set your default browser to the “in app” one, it will just fail to load, but after it fails to load you can’t open it in another browser using the buttons. This th...

  • folders for the emoji keyboard (the TestFlight one)

    I think it would be a good idea to add the folders you already have down the edge to the emoji keyboard at least, as that way you can scroll through your servers faster and have them organised bett...

  • make nitro conversions more accurate

    so I’ve known for a while that the maths on the nitro prices I would have to pay are a bit off, but I just used a converter and for GBP the conversion is really off. I get that it might go up or do...

  • be able to select an invite

    it would be useful if you could choose to select a pre existing invite OR a new invite each time you click the new invite button, as otherwise you end up spamming the server with never ending invit...

  • have the (bot) emoji thing show up in DM list

    sometimes you’re scrolling through your DMs trying to find a bot, and you went past it ages ago because you thought it was a normal user. I think adding the (bot) into the list would make it faster...

  • be able to hide pings aswell as only disable notifications

    for example if you have a bot spam channel and you don’t want constant pings of someone checking your rank, you can stop the pings from reaching you (no [1] symbol) but it still counts in message#m...

  • add a small delay to notifications

    a small delay in notifications that’s just long enough to see if you’ve read the message on another device would be nice, as I frequently get ghost notifications for pings I’ve already read

  • have custom status save the last selected time rather than default to “tomorrow”

  • using \ in text blocks

    I think a \ should still count as an escape character in code blocks, as otherwise you can’t use a ` in them, which is very annoying for like every language except python