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  • New Discord emoji changes

    The new discord font looks fine, but the new emojis all look much worse than before. Is there any way to revert to use the old ones?

  • [PC] Way to go directly to and cycle through 'New Mentions'

    When you are away for long periods of time (such as sleeping) to wake up to 10 new mentions. It is difficult to scroll through 8+ hours of posts to find where you were mentioned. There should be a ...

  • Need ability to pin a channel within a collapsed group

    When categories have a large number of channels, but you are only looking to view a specific channel or channels from the list, it would be very convenient to have the ability to right-click to pin...

  • Add default suppress all notifications setting. No more red numbers!

    PLEASE add the ability to supress ALL notifications, by default within my profile notification settings, which will override any server settings, and/or which will auto-change all server settings, ...

  • Add an option to disable certain games in the Activity Feed


    Here's an example. I'm sick and tired of seeing my Activity Feed flooded with "Early Access Patch Notes" for Ring of Elysium. Yes, I played the game because I have friends who play it. No, I don't ...