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  • Post files on iOS

    so, I’ve always found it very irritating when I upload files to discord using iOS, (Keep in mind I’m an animator who uses pivotal stuff, so I need to send files to people a lot.) So, to send a file...

  • False pings


    So, I’ve been getting false pings lately, they display on the app, but disappears when I open discord. Then they reappear later again, does this happen to anyone else?

  • Ghost Pings

    You know how annoying ghost pings are? Well, couldn’t it be solved if; when someone deletes a message with a mention, the ping gets removed. Like, if someone typed *@*everyone, and then removed it,...

  • Ghost Messages.


    Didn’t discord say they removed ghost messages, but for some reason I still get them, put they jump from one server to another.