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  • Mister Narwhal I think the idea of charging people for themes is not a good idea because unlike with Animated Icons, larger Upload size, image quality, Animated Emojis, or Universal Custom Emojis T...

  • Braix Exactly

  • @Megumin I do think it would but Only if their free and users can create or use their own, If it were part of nitro There would still be an incentive to use BD, whether or not it's against terms of...

  • How many upvotes does this need to become a feature in discord?

  • @FlamingoTango I agree with that, I'd also like to add that custom theming should NOT be a part of discord nitro or paid in any way, especially since it's already free using the unofficial route th...

  • Discord bans are by default Account and IP, It's not possible to get a MAC Address from a web browser without extreme exploits that would definitely be patched in a browser update or just get block...

  • @Darth Ok How do you propose discord Get a hardware ID from a web browser they don't own i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, etc. Without Using exploits that could be considered illegal and/or easi...

  • I just want to say no one here should be open to the idea of paying for client side theming because unlike other nitro features which are server-side CSS theming is completely client-side and wheth...

  • @MaHl111 I believe a staff told me that I don't know if I really buy that anymore though after doing some research

  • @ks we know people have already said in this chat