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  • Terra kommenterade

    Don't go to @s! I like my discriminator!

  • Terra kommenterade

    Update as of 9/1 has seen some MINOR improvement, such as better loading, but the lack of App Behaviors options is still very frustrating. Still can't use discord in split screen view on Samsung ta...

  • Terra kommenterade

    Oh no you'll never guess the app still sucks. Anyways I shouldn't have to click twice on a channel to open it.

  • Terra kommenterade

    More additions? You know it! Mouse buttons for bluetooth mice are backwards. I have my mouse set for left mouse button to be primary, and the app thinks my right mouse button is the primary. Yes, t...

  • Terra kommenterade

    Update: The update is worse than I thought! I can't use discord at all in split screen view on landscape, as either the channel or user panel is constantly in the way. If I could uninstall this upd...

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    Newest Android Update Sucks

    Where to start... the previous major update was fine. It didn't need much fixing (aside from a few tweaks to the long press menus when using device in landscape, which were fixed in the newest upda...

  • Terra kommenterade

    I second this - the new mobile interface is very clunky feeling! Buttons are too small, text is too small, and then the messages are very spaced out (appreciated, but with the tiny text, it doesn't...