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  • This feature has comparatively few votes compared to other features because it's the only one that wasn't ported from their previous requests site. If you look, all the features that have more vote...

  • I really hope that isn't what Discord considers "threads". It's nice but it doesn't go nearly far enough to solve this request

  • I just wanted to jump in and counter something that Mike said: "people don't use Slack threads". This is just categorically not true.  You might not personally like or use Slack threads, that's fin...

  • As @frostbyte000jm says, I reckon there are quite a few people here that would be willing to pay money at this. I would love for someone from Discord to do the numbers and check how many of the 134...

  • This feature request has finally made it to the first page of Chat feature requests when sorted by votes 🎉This is great work everyone that has up voted it. It also happens to be the request that ha...

  • @zettel @drayzen if you look at the list of feature suggestions you will see that all but one of the features with higher votes than this were submitted by "Nelly"  I reached out to Discord support...

  • I second what NullVoxPopuli said 🎉 And we already know that Discord cares about open source communities because of this awesome page: