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  • Different subscription idea

    I've been on classic forever, but I use very few of the features, to the point where I dont know why I am spending $2 more than the new basic trash that was launched. The only thing I actually use ...

  • Fun obscure bug, try it out! (PC only I think)

    Simply paste this into your textbox enough times that the preview starts a 2nd line... (Just the underscore and the backslash below)_\Then go to the top of your text and hit space 3 times. Enjoy.Th...

  • Upon reconnecting to internet, pls stop calling my friends back.

    Steps to reproduce the issue. Be in a call or group call Lose internet Regain internet connection Despite the call being ended by all parties, discord decides to start a new call (since it thinks ...

  • Pls add option to hide the sticker button.

    I do not use stickers, and it just gets in the way for me when I meant to click emoji button or gif button, accidentally clicked often enough for me to come here and make a suggestion. 

  • Suggested Emote Improvement

    When you are typing an emote, for instance `:pat` you are given 10 suggested emotes, currently one must use the emotes more in order for them to show up matching the letters. I would be very nice i...

  • Option to hide certain emojis

    Similar to the option to favorite emojis.A way to hide emojis.Example: there are 2 or more of the same emoji because multiple servers have them, but one some of the emojis are lower res, so u dont ...

  • Emote picker server shortcuts.

    Similar to how you have the icons for categories of default emotes. There should also be the Server icons on the left side of the picker, so that we can click on the icon and jump directly to the s...

  • SAS code blocks?


    More of an inquiry than a suggestion, but I have not been able to get codeblocks to recognize SAS as the language, what is the code, or why is it not available? it is on highlight.js so it should f...