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    Mobile Camera stream

    When in a vc and someone starts sharing their camera on the mobile platform (could be IOS only thing, i cannot speak for the Android platform) It forces u to see the Camera of the one showing, u ca...

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    Custom status/playing a game

    I think it is a great idea that we have custom statues but now we have a different issue in my opinion where you can not see what game your friend is playing is playing on the server member (right ...

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    U get the gifting link I believe and than u send that link to the person

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    Gifting Nitro

    In the chat bar there is a "present" icon so u can gift discord nitro but it fails to show that you can gift nitro classic, a bit misleading... any way we can get all versions of nitro in there? 

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    Discord’s main goal is supply us with servers/voice channels to keep in touch with friends/community. If u think discord is a “money grab” just plain dumb. U can go back to team-speak or Skype. Dis...

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    A Wumpus onesie sounds lit right?

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    That’s just gonna take away from the perks of subscribing to discord nitro.

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    Discord notification for voice chat


     When you are on discord mobile and you are in a voice chat you cannot tell when someone leaves/joins. It should give us the same discord sound as on desktop or a vibrate for when people leave/join.