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  • truth-4-sale kommenterade

    I agree!! I can't stand that constant beeping. I can't remember how to silence it. I was listening to a video in the app. Surely we will not have to go through the process of silencing the beeps ea...

  • truth-4-sale kommenterade

    I tried that >>>this<<< in Discord, and it did nothing. What I want to be able to do, when quoting someone else's post, is to highlight their post, like I see others do to my posts, with an orange ...

  • truth-4-sale kommenterade

    Thanks DarkHeraldMage, I found the settings wheel and changed that with no issues!!

  • truth-4-sale kommenterade

    HIDE AVATARSI would just like the option to hide people's avatar's. They change them so frequently, that it's of no real value to me to see it anyway. I just read their User Name, and go with that....