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  • Lalanthe kommenterade

    Kenai, this is the most helpful thing I have seen in a long time! However, it does appear Discord doesn't give a rats a** about us macOS users. It's a wonder they even support a Mac client at this ...

  • Lalanthe kommenterade

    Also, I think adding extra features like the store or new things for mobile shouldn’t take precedence over giving an existing feature to Mac users.

  • Lalanthe kommenterade

    Ramennoodle, since Discord fully supports Mac and iOS I don’t think it is unreasonable to think 6months is too long to wait for, at minimum, a beta overlay for Mac users. My other complaint is that...

  • Lalanthe kommenterade

    We need overlay support for mac OS! It's been 6 months since your blog post about the overlay updates/new features. I realize us mac users are not as overwhelmingly common as windows users, but com...