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Senaste aktivitet för Pook
  • Pook skapade ett inlägg för

    Itunes RP

    It would be pretty cool to have Itunes rich presence on Discord for all of us Mac users.

  • Pook skapade ett inlägg för

    Overlay For Mac

    It would be kinda cool to have the game overlay on my macbook ❤

  • Pook skapade ett inlägg för

    Server Folder Page

    So like instead of having the slide-out bars for server folders there might be like a page for your server folders inside a category called: "Servers"

  • Pook skapade ett inlägg för

    Emoji List In Server Dms

    When I go to message someone in a server but like go on their profile and where it shows `send message` there should be a little emoji thingy showing the emoji when you do :emoji: like in the chat ...

  • Pook skapade ett inlägg för

    Server Setting Mode

    Can you add something like a build mode to discord so that anyone who has a perm like admin cannot use it when it **build mode** is toggled **off** So that it would look cooler and like discord wou...