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  • Suggestion: Gender pronouns!

    On many of the discord servers I'm on, everyone has their pronouns right in their usernames. On the server I run, we use roles for gender pronouns. This is so commonly needed it should be built in ...

  • Claim with Existing Account


    Joining a new discord channel is much more frustrating than it should be.   This happens every single time I join a new discord: 1- I follow an invite link 2- it opens a new discord tab (I already ...

  • Suggestion: right-click option to resync video

    Often our video chats (2-8 people) have one or two people who are either showing a blank screen (even though they're sharing video and other people can see them) or they're totally delayed by a cou...

  • Quick message removes line breaks

    I'm trying to bulk-DM game keys and instructions to playtesters who have posted to a special channel. When I click on their names it gives me the option to "Message @username" but this quick messag...

  • Hide custom emojis

    Please add a setting to let me hide custom emojis. Preferably only custom emojis for OTHER servers than the one I am posting to, but hiding all will work. It's hard to scroll past a hundred random...