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    I would appreciate this feature very much.  When you have several servers you want to get audio notifications for, but they have different levels of urgency, it's very annoying to just hear the def...

  • ActionScripter kommenterade

    I would love this.  Features that would improve Discord dramatically, in descending order of importance to me personally:  - Different sound for pings (or DMs, anything that would create a number n...

  • ActionScripter kommenterade

    A big +1 to this request. I run a server with a rule against derogatory language. Getting people to avoid breaking that rule in discussions has been relatively simple. As soon as the custom statuse...

  • ActionScripter kommenterade

    I would appreciate this feature. When enforcing a code of conduct on a particular server, it can seem overbearing to tell a user to change their profile image just to stay in the one server. Better...