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  • Unusable Slider When Searching

    When I search for a message, it's in a code block, and it's too long, there is a slider that I can't use.  When the message is too long, but it's in chat, the slider works.  I would like for the sl...

  • Option to close comment text box

    I want to have the option to close this text box whenever I click to comment.  I don't want to reload the page if if I change my mind about the comment.

  • Close DMs quicker

    Whenever I close a DM on Windows, it sends me back to the top.  This makes it harder to close DMs.  I don't want it to send me to the top of my DMs when I'm closing them.  Maybe add a way to hold s...

  • Move voice channel to top

    Allow staff in a server to move a voice channel to the top of a category.

  • Tooltip Color

    It would be neat if there was a  permission that would allow you to change the tooltip color of your own server.  This would not appear on a phone.

  • Update Changelog Blog


    The last time the Discord Medium changelog blog (https://blog.discordapp.com/tagged/changelog) was updated, was August 8, 2018. I want it to be updated again.

  • Questions Server

    Whenever I want to ask something quickly and get almost instant answers, it's hard. I usually go onto Discord Feedback, but I really shouldn't be asking questions there. If there was an official Di...