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  • Amy de l'ABC kommenterade

    Oh! *smacks forehead* I totally knew excuse is that I got a total of 1 hour of sleep last night XD Thanks for the correction!

  • Amy de l'ABC kommenterade

    Oh, okay. That's entirely possible :) I mean I don't know enough about it to understand why 2 1000k-character messages are different than 1 2000k-character message, but yeah haha. Thanks for saying...

  • Amy de l'ABC kommenterade

    @Leotomas -- I don't think you fully understood what was going on. Some of us use Discord for text-based role play. That means we're writing stories, and a part of a story can easily get up to 2000...

  • Amy de l'ABC kommenterade

    I absolutely agree! Mine is the same, and we have the same problem. We're constantly having to split our replies into more than one message so as to stay within the character limit, and it's frustr...