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  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    What was yours?

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    Chizumi, I was saying if you wanna pay for extra boosts that wouldn't matter. It would be a 1 time payment and then you have the extra boosts forever unless you lose your nitro, but once you get th...

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    And I think they are going to have animated emoji slots. Because it says a total of 100 when the already have 100

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    I think they should be a 1 time fee and be able to make more than 1 server be able to be boosted

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    Nitro users should be able to boost more than 1 though too

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    @someone no. Too many people will abuse that.

  • FATFATTY2BY4 kommenterade

    Well said. Very well said. I would like the flat rate idea for nitro members and I think they should be able to boost multiple servers.

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    Server boost


    It would be nice for smaller people to buy more server boosts. The person pays X amount for 1 server boost it could be like an extra subscription amount. It would be a one time thing. And you can d...