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  • Takaragomy kommenterade

    English Summary:Allow users with Discord Nitro to invite their friends who do not have Nitro to games. The users without nitro will be kicked out of the game when the player who invited them gets off.

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    Grandfather Nitro Monthly/Yearly

    Allow users with Grandfather Nitro to switch between Monthly & Yearly freely. I had to switch to monthly while I was unemployed, and switching back to yearly would be more expensive which kind of d...

  • Takaragomy kommenterade

    Some of these should just be added to discord in general. Being able to change the notification sound for specific servers should just be a feature, not a paid feature. It is no different than chan...

  • Takaragomy kommenterade

    I think they just need to change how this is handled. It is inconvenient to have it on a roles list, however it should still appear as a role. Perhaps a solution would be to have players who boost ...

  • Takaragomy kommenterade

    You could have worded this better, but a feature allowing mods for example to tag roles, without allowing everyone would be a very useful feature. When setting up my server under the rules section,...

  • Takaragomy kommenterade

    Having a gif in your profile picture was not originally a feature provided by discord as far as I can remember. It was added as a bonus with Nitro, and isn't really a big deal. It isn't any differe...