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  • TerrbearSF kommenterade

    Surprised this isn't a part of the Events feature as it can give visibility to any griefers.We run a community server that allows fans/friends of our community to join and still be able to chat wit...

  • TerrbearSF kommenterade

    I think this would also work great being added to the current video streaming feature. Turn on video streaming into your voice chat room. Switch your camera feed to “Whiteboard” Then draw out your...

  • TerrbearSF kommenterade

    Yeah, this is super annoying. We can't even share our Xsplit feed into Discord for this reason.

  • TerrbearSF kommenterade

    I would like to be able to share in HDR as well since trying to share with it on washes out many of my games in higher contrast. Xsplit easily allows this with a high contrast box I check.