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  • Honestly, working in tech it kinda baffles me too, but from what others have said here, Discord also tends towards the "SURPRISE! NEW FEATURE!" rather than actually responding to direct requests li...

  • When software changes and adds new features, you socialize 'em, and folks start using them. Very much agree with the "be the change you want to see" idea - if you start using threads, they'll catch...

  • Implementing Slack-style threading solves both problems, which is why I'd advocate for it over Flowdock-style. There are days when a relatively quiet channel gets going on a topic that would be eas...

  • I don't understand the calls for Flowdock style that I've seen here. With that solution, you're solving the issue "I'm not fast enough to keep up with multiple conversations at once", but you're no...

  • The practice of not mentioning your upcoming features and just surprise-releasing them is odd, folks. Most companies, when a significant feature is heavily requested, will let you know it's on the ...

  • @kibbenkat, entirely defeats the purpose - the point (or part of it) is to reduce clutter in channels & notification noise.

  • Please put your feedback here:

  • Oh duh, long work day.   Def agree that we've gotta boost this one up. Let's link it in all our servers, perhaps? 😂

  • Whoa, jf! No need for an apology, that's still useful info to have. Thanks for reaching out to them directly.

  • @mio9, from the number of folks I've seen say this is blocking them from moving to Discord from Slack or causing them to move to Slack from Discord, yes, I'd say it's veering into NEED territory fo...