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  • beefysoul kommenterade

    Grown-ups are known to ruin things meant for kids. They claim that “They can’t understand it”. They can understand them perfectly even if it’s not meant for kids. And they don’t need to understand ...

  • beefysoul kommenterade

    There are always ways to work around things. Discord is as useful to kids as it is to adults. Don’t focus on the reasons to no do sth, focus on getting around them and the reasons to do it. Kids ar...

  • beefysoul kommenterade

    exactly why I said to have it like roblox and google where you have to put in a guardian's email     And they can also implement restrictions like roblox, with children not being allowed to access ...

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    Under 13

    (Note I tried posting this but it seemingly disappeared, so If you see a duplicate of this my bad). Probably half the userbase is under 13. Some don’t know it’s not allowed. Most of them say the mo...