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  • skoorbnotlin 🚒🚒 🛩🚁🛳 kommenterade

    If you like the under 13 rule then sure, ban em. If not, then either ban them cause you follow the law or give them grace cause you hate the rule.

  • skoorbnotlin 🚒🚒 🛩🚁🛳 kommenterade

    COPPA only doesn’t allow it when the information is revealed about the child, such as an email. COPPA does allow it if no info is given about the child, only the parent/guardian. The only info that...

  • skoorbnotlin 🚒🚒 🛩🚁🛳 kommenterade

    I also think this rule is not right. If kids want to be able to support their favorite game or show some stuff they made. (Like another comment said). They should be able to use discord. Make them ...