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  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) kommenterade

    [NT] kle0n Hey, miserable lonely person, do you really want people to destroy the enviroment for a token that says they "own" a piece of stolen art?

  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) skapade ett inlägg för

    No NTFs

    This platform isn't here for crypto and NFTs, this platform is meant to be a chat site so we can communicate. So yeah, don't go through with the NFT intergration or whatever is being discussed. Bes...

  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) kommenterade

    Here's my opinion. NFTs are bad for the environment and and deserve to be destroyed ^^

  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) skapade ett inlägg för

    How To Lock Bots to Specific Chats

    I mainly wanna lock Pokecord to the pokecord chat I made, Rythm bot to the Rythm bot chat and ect. Anyone able to help?

  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) skapade ett inlägg för

    Small change to account = getting locked out of account?

    So I made a very small name change to my Discord account and then like 4 hours later I was locked out of my account for not being phone verified? Is the reason I got locked out of my account becaus...

  • SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) kommenterade

    I very much agree! I'm currently locked out of my discord account and I have no phone to do phone verification! It's stupid and needs to get fixed! I might not get a phone until next year and by th...