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    "Please don't listen to people thinking they're talking on behalf of the community" but the community doesn't like this, we are the community, have you seen the other posts on this thread? All nega...

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    You're ignoring the fact that it's causing genuine problems for those with disabilities. The problem isn't change, it's that there's genuine oversights in this update, genuine mistakes that shouldn...

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    stop ignoring the problem

    Instead of talking about the sims on your twitter, maybe address about the fact that everyone's telling you to revert this change that you didn't need to make. Ignoring the problem won't fix it. Pe...

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    I really like this new fanmade UI, did your kids make it? It's a little much though, can we go back?

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    This change is terrible, revert it

    I don't know who thought it was a good idea, but I'm pretty sure nobody uses the reaction feature, and this change was like 50 steps back rather than any steps forward. The new laylout looks like h...